Questions on Database Structure

Hello Bubblers,

i currently have three types of data in my database. User, project, Team. the database might have 50 users entries with each maybe 10 teams containing 10 projects.

is there any speed benefit if i create a list entry in the user data type which will add every team that is created by a user. so i can call "current user`s team list. instead of “doing a search for teams created by the current user”?

same goes for projects which at the and will be several thousand entries in the database.

this is kind of redundant in my opinion.

any best practices how to set up a proper database :slight_smile:

thank you very much!

hi, yes, as you say there is a speed benefit if you save things to another.

E.g. You are an app user. A manager.
You create a new team by clicking the create button.
Action 1 of the workflow creates the new team. Action 2 saves it underneath the users (Managers) list of teams. (So underneath user, create a new field, called list of teams, select as datatype team then select list of things)

Then when a project is created again the same, in step 2, save it to the teams list of projects.

Then in a dynamic data field such as in a group you can have:
Current users list of teams projects (sorted by modified date) first item. to see the most recently modified project of the manager.

This is much faster than “Do a search for”, especially as the database grows.

For more info you can check my bubble youtube channel, with a playlist on databases