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[Micro App] Audit your Bubble App and Keep it Safe!

Hey community! :wave:

We thought it was about time to highlight one of the micro apps we launched 2 years ago. It is a tool to audit the security and data privacy of your app. We have almost 3K apps tested since then!

We explain in the original thread the importance of keeping your apps secure and more importantly, your user’s data safe. A breach not only affects your app but puts Bubble and the entire community in a bad light. Unfortunately, today we still see a lot of apps that seem to be a bit sloppy when it comes to this.

We recently added a few more features to the tool including a search to understand if there any API keys publicly accessible and an overview of the pages your app has (yes, you should be careful with those ‘test’ pages :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

:point_right: Test your app here
Simply enter your app ID and click check :slight_smile:

:question: Want to know more about this tool? Check our FAQ!

:white_check_mark: Want to know more about keeping your app secure and data safe? Check our Checklist!

Do you miss anything in this tool? Let us know in the comments and we can look ad adding that! (we are continuously adding features anyway :))


@vincent56 This is great, thanks a lot for sharing it!


Double that - really useful tool

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