Bubble Security Checker

Hi Bubblers,

We have developed a Bubble app security checker - it checks across 7 areas and provides a report. It’s currently in Beta so any feedback would be greatly received.


Million Labs



This is going to be an interesting thread to watch…

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Hey… The app is is read only mode, not the best security practice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Just joking, thanks for building up this free tool for the community!
Would love to exchange in PM!

@jof I honestly thought this thread would have gotten more love… or at least some inquiries as too, you know, how exactly you built this clever tool… Oh well, I guess…

Hey team. Interesting service and I would pay for it as a health check kind of thing (run weekly automated or after every deploy?) Its a good reminder about option sets being public, I was surprised you could find the plugins.

Why you didn’t’ ask for the URL? You can infer the bubble ID from the CSS.

Are you planning on doing more with this? Would love to help with testing.

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Still got crickets from the OP too. Guess no one’s interested?