Microphone / Camera access in browser

Hi everyone,

I’ve got an HTML element in my app with an embed code that links to a video / audio recording site (www.addpipe.com), though this issue was the same with the Bubble audio recorder I think.

When I give access to the camera or the microphone in the browser, record something, and stop recording, the camera / microphone alert showing they’re actively recording on the browser tab stays there. It means my users think I’m still recording them even when they hit stop, and even for me it’s a bit disturbing to see that long after you’ve finished recording!

Resetting the HTML element doesn’t halt the active camera / microphone. Does anyone know a way to stop it using a workflow action?

I’d guess it stops if you hide the HTML element.

Thanks for the reply, but it doesn’t stop if I hide the HTML element :sob:

Okay, you can add a condition to the HTML so that the element will show different html.

As well, I use a similar approach stopping embedded Youtube videos that are displayed in a popup. (Ie. user closes the popup, but does not explicitly pause the video). Seems to work well enough.

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