Microsoft 365 Login


I’m new to bubble, but thinking on using bubble to do a simple intranet, in my company we use Microsft 365 for user login, can I use it to login to the app that I will create in bubble?


Adolfo Ferreira

Hi! You can look for a plugin for your app that supports Microsoft oAuth. Plugins | Bubble

I tried but cound’t find info about login, just emails stuff and some bad comments

Hmm looks like Outlook is the only similar thing to Microsoft 365. Would that work? Outlook Plugin | Bubble

maybe, I had a look but I don´t have to look ay it now, I will tell you when I try, thanks!!

I think you are looking to implement SSO (Single Sign On) so your users do not need separate login credentials for your bubble app. Instead they would log in to their microsoft accounts. Correct?

I looked–briefly. I don’t think any existing plugins do what you would like to do. Therefore there is not an off-the-shelf solution for this. Microsoft Graph allows for SSO (Single Sign-On), so it’s definitely possible, but you would have to find a developer to create such a plugin for you and help you integrate it (or do it yourself).

See here for some documentation from Microsoft:

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Thanks I will try to do that!!