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Microsoft Graph API: Create MS Teams meetings from Bubble

Hello bubbler.

I want to create a Microsoft Teams online meeting from my Bubble application.

I am trying to call the onlinemeeting: CreateOrGet API of the Microsoft Graph API using an application token on Bubble API connector.

onlineMeeting: createOrGet

When I request the API, I get an “InvalidAuthenticationToken” error.
Can you please tell me where I am going wrong in the steps so far?

  • Register my app with AzureAD
    Register the web app to be built by Bubble. Set up the redirect URI, client secret, etc.


Thanks in advance.

Be sure to check out the Microsoft forum. They have a lot of help there. Stack overflow too. This isn’t exactly Bubble specific.

Look at this based on your error code

Thanks for the quick reply and information.

Yeah, I’m waiting for help from Microsoft community support. I asked the question here as well, just in case anyone else had the same experience.

Actually, I had already looked at the page you linked to, but I couldn’t solve the problem.

I’ll look into the Stack overflow.

How are your scopes defined?

/.default always works best for my needs

Hi, thanks for reply.

I’ve set the scope to the application ID URI “api://…/.default”!
It seems there is a problem elsewhere.