Might need to move our application off Bubble and recreate it from custom code, curious what programming language, if any, I'd be looking at

We’ll use Bubble for life as there’s so many uses for it, but long story short we built a pretty complex CRM system with it and now have one of our partner companies looking to either buy it or buy us out, or licence it via a monthly fee per user. The problem is that the application needs to be hosted in Canada on an on-prem server, or AWS/Google Cloud in Montreal so we may need to hire a developer to recreate our app from scratch as a normal web application that doesn’t run on Bubble. I was just curious if I was to look for a developer if there’s any programming language or what not that I should be looking for, or someone that specializes in to be able to recreate what we do in Bubble, or if that’s not really relevant.

The other reason I ask is because while I’m pretty technical, I’m not a programmer but I can pick things up really quickly. So I like with Bubble that I can accomplish 95% of everything on my own, with that 5% of more complex things being done by our developer. It’s handy as when an employee wants a dropdown field added or something changed I can make it happen very quickly. So I’d of course lose that by having it be done via custom code, but just wondering if any programming languages are easier than others in terms of learning them to even be able to view the code and understand more what’s happening and so on, or if there’s any programming languages I’d want to steer clear of. Of course it would be up to the developers we hire, but some seem to specialize more in PHP while others are more ASP.NET etc.

Just really doing research now as there’s no immediate urgency for this, so would love any feedback. Thanks!

I just started learning rails https://rubyonrails.org/ it’s not too hard, if you have time its enjoyable to learn. All programming languages have similar or same principles.

Hello there!

We understand that some of our clients design solutions that need to be hosted in specific locations; we actually do have a possible solution here that would not involve you moving off of Bubble! Please do reach out to us at support@bubble.io and we would be happy to fill you in on how your Bubble app can be hosted in Montreal.


Thanks Eve! That’s good to know, I’ll definitely reach out shortly.