Hey, guys! What do you think about my first app?)

Hi, there! My name is Vova, I’ve recently joined Bubble and already faced positive vibes from the community, that helped me to solve 15+ issues. Thanks to your support I managed to release my first application. I would like to say thank you to @anon38627393, @J805, @david17, @SerPounce, @deadpoetnsp, @grace.hallak, @Nocodify, @ed727 for replying to my questions on the forum.

I started with an idea to create a CRM for dentists but then changed my mind, pivoted to CRM for salons, and completely changed the design. Here is the result: https://bit.ly/2BqTQWy.

I would be very pleased if you see my first work and give me some feedback. I suspect that I’ve made some fundamental mistakes in responsiveness or in designing the Bubble app. Is my app worth the average level or there is a lot of space to work on? I just can’t understand how great Bubble apps look like and need your comments.

P.S. “Gains” is still in development. If you need the editor link, then here it is:

Thanks in advance.


Guys, received a feedback, that it is most likely that nobody would enter the app because of the sign up process. Here is a link that can help you enter the app without the sign up.


Hi, runs fast and looks like you have some nice initial functionality, but need to build out some more functions (like ability to sort the lists, and also clients should get an email or text reminder).

If you’re looking to enter this area and convert the CRM to a business, I’d suggest reviewing the other salon software out there and doing some comparison of your features, then deciding on how you’ll compete (price? functionality? geographic focus). Also, talking to some local salon owners to understand what they use (if anything) and their needs. If you then decide to commit to this, you could find a salon or two to use your alpha or beta version on a free basis in return for providing you feedback, which will help you refine the functionality and features before taking it further.

Yes, agree with you. Current app version is like MVP.

I built it to get new project in my portfolio as bubble developer. As far as I am concerned, there are a lot of CRM for salons right now.

Thank you for the feedback!