Migrate Airtable Data to Bubble DB

Hi All,

I’m struggling with a solution that can migrate my data from Airtable to Bubble’s native DB so that I can work efficiently from a single data source.

My Airtable DB consists of multiple related tables, so I’m looking for a way to migrate the data while maintaining the relationships. I know that I can download Airtable data as a CSV, but I’m not entirely certain on how the the relationships and linking between tables will be handled in Bubble.

Has anyone come across a solution that has worked for you?

Thank you all for your help!

It has been awhile since I’ve worked with Airtable but I know when you make relationships in Airtable it creates the relationship with a unique id. I cannot remember if you have access to this unique id or not. If so, you would want to create a temporary field to hold this unique id for each data type.

You could then create another field for the relationship you want (example: putting a company data type field in the user table). Then run a bulk API workflow on the data type to do a search matching the Airtable unique id you created and then making a change to the thing to add that relationship.

In summary:

  1. Import CSV with a unique id for each relationship
  2. Create and run bulk API workflow on the data running a search to find that unique id and then match that data type to the other data type.

Let me know if this makes sense or not!

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