Airtable Example

Hello Community!

I’m looking at using Airtable to handle some of the database heavy lifting. I know Airtable has their own API and I would like to pull in data dynamically to by Bubble App. Most of the forum posts have been around using Zapier, but I would rather use the Airtable API to connect directly.

Scenario: User logs in and clicks a button to see data. The table pops up and queries data directly from Airtable. The data is not stored in the Bubble database.

Has anyone had luck with this and if so, how did you configure the API connector?

I’ve connected to airtable via the Api connector to allow a client to see their data (exported as a cvs from another product), make any edits and then import into their bubble DB. From memory it was quite straight forward (you have to be on the paid version of airtable), I wasn’t doing anything particularly complicated though.

If I get a chance later, I’ll dig out my Api connector set up. Sorry not at my laptop right now.


@rossliddell That is exactly what I’m wanting to do. If you get time later, I would really like to see how you did the API connection. I was not able to get it to successfully initiate.

Any update here?

I got it working and tested it. Then scrapped it after researching the Airtable 50,000 record limit. That limit just doesn’t work for any heavy lifting applications. Ended up getting someone to do the database through MongoDB and using the API connector. It is super fast and plays nice with


Could you share how you got it to work Josh?

I honestly deleted the work that I did on it and it has been a while but basically I used airtable to store the data and connected it via Zapier to Google Sheets. Then I was able to make calls using the Google Sheets plugin from It was not an elegant solution and honestly you could probably be better off just using Google Sheets directly if the data is not “sensitive” in nature.

The data I was storing was just too sensitive to store in that environment.

If you’re still stuck with this, Bubble has released a new plugin for Airtable. You can use it to write data.