Migrating Mock-up website from Canva to build speech -to-speech Bubble website

I have designed a mock-up website on Canva and want to migrate it to Bubble. The website on Bubble will be speech-to-speech, meaning the visitor will have a voice first (prime UI), to navigate around the website conversationally with multimodal options of using text, scrolling etc., 1. Is this possible to build on Bubble? 2. Is there anyone who may like to assist (act as advisor/ tutor, and/or hands-on) me in building what will be a unique website promoting a first-of-kind voice-first, virtual, integrated health, care and healthy ageing platform for the aged 60 plus? I look forward to receiving your responses Appreciate your time.

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You will need to combine events (incoming audio) with scrolling and navigation features using dynamic page names and JavaScript.

OpenAI is able to write the exact code for you to execute when audio is recorded.

Appreciate the information, noncodeventure.