Migrating user DB away from Bubble

Hey, has anyone managed to transition user tables away from Bubble to an alternative platform (flutterflow etc)? How have you handled auth/passwords, given there’s no way to export those from Bubble?

Email with link to new system.

‘hey we have a shiny new system and we need you to change your password’.

Copy the users over and have something in the link to recognise them.


Thanks @NigelG,

To expand a bit for other users, I’m guessing this would look like:

  • Import all emails/account data over to new platform
  • Give each user some random string tied to their account (on the new platform)
  • Email each user a link to newplatform.com/setpassword?string={string}
  • Let them set the password for the account associated with that string

And voila…

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