Exporting User Data

Let’s say I have a Bubble app in production and I want to move it off Bubble (not that I would since Bubble is a great app ;-)). Maybe I decided to code the app on my own. Well in the Bubble app, I have a Users table. So in my new app, which would have a new database, would I be able to export my current users? This would include their passwords and import it into my new database? Basically, making the move from Bubble to my code base seamless to my users.

You own all of your user data and can export it anytime. The only caveat to this is passwords are stored separately in Bubble and are encrypted so they’re not usable by another system - it’s just the nature of encryption.

As such, you’d need to have users create a new password. Of course, you could also store user’s passwords separately in your database (so they’re like any other field) which is a bit sketch.

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