Migration update guide for Toolbox plugin users

Hi fellow developers,

This topic is intended for anyone using Toolbox plugin v1.3.1 or earlier and using Server Script

If you’re using server-side actions in your app via Toolbox, the AWS deprecation of Node 14 for server-side actions will affect your app’s functionality. (Context from Bubble here).

Luckily, updating your app uses the same instructions that Bubble published for its plugin developers.

Tips for updating your server scripts:

  • Turn on Script is Async Function to allow use of await at top-level.
  • Ensure the script contains a return statement.
  • To use await in your own functions, define them as async function.

Using app search tool, find every place where there are the following actions and replace with new syntax:

Function Name Old API New API
context.request context.request context.v3.request
context.async context.async context.v3.async
.get method on Bubble Things .get method .get method (returns promise)
.get method on Bubble Lists .get method .get method (returns promise)
.length method on Bubble Lists .length method .length method (returns promise)
get_object_from_id get_object_from_id context.getThingById
get_objects_from_ids get_objects_from_ids context.getThingsById

Here’s an example of upgraded syntax, before:

var result = properties.thing1.get("title_text");

and after:

var result = await properties.thing1.get("title_text");
return JSON.stringify(result);

If you add a post to this topic, myself or another community member will be able to assist.

Update guide: Updating to Plugin API v4 - Bubble Docs
More details on Toolbox docs

Thanks to Vivienne @ Bubble for the topic template :smiley:


Thanks so much for putting this out @mishav , as well as, for all of your great contributions over time. :+1:t2:


I think i speak for the whole Bubble community when i say that we cant thank you enough for all your work on Toolbox.
I don’t really consider Toolbox as a plugin anymore, its core bubble functionality.


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Important ToolBox update folks :smiley:


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Important Toolbox update folks :smiley:


Thanks! The forum is definitely going to be very busy once things turn off. Many things will break if the app owners are not being vigilant. :sweat_smile:


To be clear, this is a new discussion point on the update that has been out for a few months. Sorry, no new toys!

Yes a scary thought. :beetle: :spider: Bubble have said they will do a followup email which will help.


Oh, hell yeah. I believe the technical term for what is going to happen is sh*t show. Can’t wait! :wink:


Thanks @mishav for sharing this.

Unfortunately, I have even fundamental question. How do I know if I am using Server Script? Is it by searching for instances of “Server Script” action in the editor?

I did that and got zero results. So I am safe?

Also, looks like I am on latest version already. So not sure if I had any server script thing earlier that got deleted due to upgrade that I possibly did without much thought.

Thank you, but I never learned how to use this and always ended up building my own plugin elements. :rofl:


Yes this works to find server script, even if the action has been renamed. Looks like the app isn’t using server script, so no migration is needed.

Upgrading would not delete the action if you had any.

Thanks @mishav