Mind mapping API — Is this possible in Bubble?

I am looking at ways to store and embed mind mapping content within my app. One company with a solid API I came across is MindMeister. You can read more about their Embed API here https://www.mindmeister.com/developers/embed

How they spin it:
“It is possible to embed MindMeister’s map editor into another web application. All map data is stored on your server and you’re merely using our web-based editor for map creation.”

I haven’t reached out to them or found any examples yet, but this looks promising. I can not tell if this is possible using Bubble though. Ideally there would be a HTML canvas that ports the iFrame content inside my Bubble app where users can create, edit and save mind maps via their API but store that data to Bubble or a S3 type service.

Thoughts on the possibility of an integration here? Would this be possible to do with the upcoming Elements Plugin release?


hope someone will give you a reply, I’m interested in the same topic :slight_smile:

It looks doable (OAuth2 API). @philip - did you try implementing it using an html element and running methods via the Toolbox plugin?