Share Ideas or Offers: We need a MindMap Plugin for Bubble

Hey bubblers,

do you guys have a idea to make a mindmap in bubble?

I think i need someone that builds up a plugin to visualize data in a mindmap. (And maybe even make it interactive - because i just can read code but not write it haha)

I think this would be the last big thing missing in bubble

Has Anyone ideas? Or can make me an offer.


Do you have any libraries in mind?

not yet - what are you thinking about? @jared.gibb

current workaround:

for people who have the same problem

mindmeister has an api where you can build one via api
i use the link function to save the link with the specific data and when i click on the mind map link my app opens and gets its data from the url structure - may this helps. :slight_smile:

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mindmup is what i was thinking.

amcharts has something like this but they use bubbles and it’s not as visually appealing. I may work on that. someone else may too.

i found this

README | jsMind maybe someone can integrate it