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Missing parameter for workflow

I have been successfully working with APIs and Workflows for some time. Today I tried creating a new workflow but when I test it it always returns “Missing parameter for workflow update_translate_engine: parameter source” (source is the first parameter, so I guess it doens’t get any of the passed parameters).

I am passing parameters in the body like this:

“source”: “en”,
“target”: “it”,
“tuid”: “1”,
“sentence”: “This is a test.”,
“translation”: “Questa è una prova.”

and have the workflow set like this image, as you can see there is only a parameter which is a querystring (and I pass it through a variable in the calling URL) but the source and all other parameters are not set as querystring as they are passed in the body:

I have an identical workflow (but other name and other parameters) which is working fine in the same application, is this a Bubble bug that comes out when you try to setup more than one workflow? I have run into this error in the past but it was just a matter of unchecking “querystring” when passing parameters in the body.

Edit: if I pick “detect request data” from “parameter definition” instead of manually adding parameters it opens a Bubble windows that just spins forever and doesn’t do anything:

I am totally lost. Thank you in advance.


The “Detecting Request Data” popup is waiting a POST by an external API. You need to configure a webhook or something else that sends data to this specific Bubble URL…

Hello and thanks for your answer. I found the issue and I believe it’s a bug in Bubble.
When I created my first workflow I set up parameters by using “detect request data”.
This somehow created a problem with my second workflow since if I manually added parameters it just didn’t see them and kept seeing data it requested from the first workflow, no matter what I did.
I had to do a “detect request data” even on the second workflow using “manual definition” to be able to correctly read parameters.

I strongly believe this is a bug in Bubble and you kind of need a workaround to solve this.

You can change API to GET