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Mixpanel Connection [SOLVED]

Mixpanel keeps this header open on every page after signing up:

It links to this:

But there’s no way I can do what they’re asking. (as far as I’ve looked)
Could someone shed some light on this?

When you install the plugin and add the key, Bubble automatically adds the code in the header. Did you do this?

Yeah, it’s all linked up with the keys provided.

Can you share a link to the app?

Here’s another concern of mine:

When I type in my event name as ‘Signed Up’, it just turns blank after. When I click into it, ‘Signed Up’ appears again. Don’t know if that’s just a frontend bug or something more.

I’ve tested signing up, and no event is pushed to Mixpanel.


Looks like it takes Mixpanel a few minutes to get the first event. Odd, considering all future events are supposed to be rather instantaneous.

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