Mixpanel plugin not responding

I’ve just installed Mixpanel but it looks like the workflow events are not posting to Mixpanel.

I’ve two events, one simply pushing the userID to MP and the other a few more fields but neither are posting to MP. I am receiving no errors upon running the workflow either. (I also checked the Mixpanel site but didn’t see any recent updates there either.)

Workflow Item 1

Workflow Item 2

Mixpanel results

@saeed.t.richardson did you figure this out or have any troubleshooting tips here?

I am having the same issue with Mixpanel

I know you posted this a really long time ago, but I just installed Mixpanel and figured this out after some trial & error. You need to input both the Token & API Secret into the Mixpanel plugin on Bubble for it to work.

In Mixpanel, click the Settings Gear on the top right and then click “Project Settings” to get to your Token and API Secret

Once you input the Mixpanel Token & API Secret into Bubble and create an event, make sure to publish your app and then do the event so that there is data to send.

Hope that helps!

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