Mobile First issues

I have trouble building an app that is mobile 1st / desktop 2nd.
94% of my users are on mobile, but 60% of purchases are made on desktop.
But I can’t make elements go from column to row, for example.
Will that issue be fixed in the future ?
This is really important for my business.

Hi @marie , If you are using new responsive engine, the page will get responsive easily (only if it is designed in the flexbox).
In rare cases we need to design some new groups for the mobile app which are only visible in mobile and hidden on desktop.

I am using the new responsive engine.
you can go from row to column, but not the opposite.
How do you do that yourself ?

Can’t you just use a row layout?..

If you manage your element widths correctly, it will behave like a column on mobile, but will expand horizontally on wider screens…

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Yes, you can’t switch between Row to column layout. But Row layout performs well in mobile too.

It would be more helpful if you share screenshot.