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Change Order of Groups on Mobile?

Hey so i’d like to obtain this responsive behavior.
This is how my two column layout should display on desktop.

I need the order to be reversed on mobile and display like this:


In CSS I think this is called flex-reverse, is this possible with Bubble?

Hey @bubbler63 :wave:

Hope we can help out a bit. :blush:

Are you using the older responsive engine or the new one?

Hey it’s the new one

Reverse element positions on mobile - Quick tip! This solutions seems to only work on the old responsive engine. I don’t know what the code would be for the new engine. I also read that custom CSS might not work yet in the new engine. It seems like others might be experiencing issues with custom CSS: New Responsive Engine [beta] is Live! - #330 by boston85719

Please add that as a feature request on this thread

I also would like to see something like this, especially as a something available in conditionals as well.

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Looks like there was an update for the code, check it out: Reverse element positions on mobile - Quick tip! - #15 by eli

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