Mobile friendly

how can I make the website mobile friendly?

The best way to start is to make the page narrower. We recommend 380 or 420 pixels. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see your design coming more naturally (fonts are usually bigger, etc.).

The way to do it is to test in real time, as you build things. You can use your phone and preview your app as you build it.

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Just click on the background of the page and control the height in pixels at the bottom of the property editor.

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Does that mean I have to re-edit the size of the elements? Thank you very helpful!

No, just the page height.

Hey so everytime i check my app on the phone I have to zoom out to see all contents.

On responsive view on the app it looks great on the phone view.

Any help would be great guys

This is a very old thread @andrewmcsweeney0, no need to bump it. There are more recent threads discussing responsive. If you think you’re experiencing a bug, next time it’d be best to start a new thread.

As for your issue, maybe try disabling zooming to see if that forces a change for you.

Are you using a webkit browser like Safari or Chrome? If not, that may be your issue. I’ve had issues when testing on 3rd party mobile browsers. How does your app look when you test in a desktop browser in responsive-testing mode like available in Chrome Dev Tools? Can you post screenshots and/or link to your app for us to view?

The more information you provide the better chances the community can help :slight_smile: