Making App Mobile Friendly

So how do you make your application mobile friendly? Do you have to just make everything fit in a certain way? I know there is a way that shows what it looks like on mobile in the editor, but how do you edit it so it only changes stuff for mobile version?

Hi there, @ParliamentJohn… there is no shortage of info out there about responsive design in Bubble (take, for example, the page in Bubble’s own manual about it), but I will try to answer your specific question, and maybe others will chime in as well.

Unless you are building a mobile version of a page (which is an option that’s available when you edit a page’s properties), you don’t edit a page so it only changes stuff for mobile devices; rather, you edit a page so it looks different as the width of a device’s screen gets smaller (or bigger for that matter, too), and that is the purpose of Bubble’s responsive editor. You want to make sure your app looks “right” regardless of the screen width of the user’s device, and you do that by using the responsive editor to see how the elements on a page “react” as the screen width changes.

Now, how you go about making sure each page looks “right” is a lot more art than science, in my experience/opinion; it can definitely be a good amount of trial and error. That being said, there are lots of folks out here who are pretty darn good at it, and people are always happy to answer questions for you as you go.

Anyway, I hope this response is at least somewhat helpful. I am by no means an expert on responsiveness in Bubble, but I’ve incorporated responsive design into four or five apps so far, so I’m probably not the worst at it, either.


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