Mobile overlapping responsive bug

Hi all,

Without being checked with “Shrink if text gets shorter”, some Texts are overlapping when loading the index page on mobile for the first time.
(You’ll find screenshots illustrating it)

Here is a test app with the issue:

(Use it on mobile, private window, to experience the bug. It might not appear with the first private window, so open an other one).

The issue happens either in version-test or live, either on windows and MacOs, Chrome or Safari.
After being refreshed, or by only modifying the page zoom, it automatically adjusts correctly.

We contacted bubble support whose answer was that this issue “requires breaking changes to our responsive engine”.

Have any of you have encountered this issue ? And how did you solved this issue ?
Any idea or suggestion is very welcomed as we are concerned by this problem.

Thank you


No, never had a problem like this. Make sure you aren’t overlapping text elements, or any elements at all, the responsive engine does not like that.

We’ve checked everything one by one, there’s no elements overlapping in the editor.