Stacking vs overlapping elements

Hello everyone!
I am new to using bubble, and find it very easy and friendly, however, I am stuck in something I think is very easy to solve but I can’t figure it out.
I am working on the responsive design of my app, and when I go into the responsive tab and start resizing the page, the elements overlap eachother instead of stacking one on top of another. I have the page set to column, and the elements I am having issues with are 2 columns inside a group. If you need a link to see the issue, feel free to message me and i will send you a link to the app.

any thoughts on why this is happening? and/or ideas on how to solve it!?

evrything is welcomed, thanks in advance!

I think that the elements within your group don’t have their responsive settings set to “Collapse height when hidden” and “Collapse width when hidden” to allow them to stack properly. Other than that, you check the width settings of your columns and ensure that they are set to Auto or percentages to allow them to adjust dynamically based on the screen size.

thanks! i’ll have a look and get back to you to let you know how it went

it kinda worked, when seeing it on phone resolution it’s stacked but fully misaligned. On tablet view it is still overlapping