Mobile Preview of App Showing Old Data/Not working

Hey all,

I’m pretty inexperienced with this, but when I preview my App (development, not live) on my mobile device (iPhone 6s+) it loads an older, since changed index page with no responsiveness. The preview still works when I am using my computer.

I saw a similar thread around deleted info showing up on the mobile inbox that was tabbed [RESOLVED] but there wasn’t a response to the thread, so not sure if it’s related.


Just checking, but are you previewing a separate page that is for mobile index? If so, have you set the “mobile version” to this separate page in the property editor on the index page?

Had this same exact issue and cannot find a way to consistently reproduce it. Would never have found the issue if I didn’t test on a friend’s iPhone 6S (narrow). Every preview looked perfectly correct on my PC and iPhone 6S+, but I saw the issue, checked my UI builder vs responsive view, and this is what I saw:

Cache Bug 1
UI Builder, preview, and live deployment on every device except one: Centered, bolded, correct, updated info

Cache Bug 2
Responsive View: left-aligned, unbolded, old, long-since deleted content.

“Parent Group’s…” is correct, “Get Location” (unbolded, left-aligned) was an SQL call that was deprecated and replaced with local Bubble variables MONTHS ago.

I tried changing the content, cutting and pasting the element, but nothing worked except deleting the element altogether and remaking it.

This seems like a critical issue… if our users are seeing different content and we don’t know about it, we can’t fix it… has anyone else seen this before? I really don’t want to have to delete and remake each element every time I change something to ensure that our app is functioning consistently for our users.