Need help. page doesn't show

hi everyone, i have issue with my preview.

when i open my app by hit preview button, its work on dekstop but when i open from mobile the page doesn’t show

on mobile :

on dekstop :

how can i fix it and which part i have to fix?
thank you,

Hello :wave:

Strange never came across this issue :thinking:

  • Did you re-check the URL’s ?
  • Maybe you had some page previously & deleted now (because mobile saves url of previously visited page)
  • Make sure to check the versions too (example:- /version-test)

ya i already check it, find no solutions.
but when i try another bubble account it working fine, on deskstop and mobile.
maybe the problem from the account. so i just decide to deleted it.

thank you @mdburhan3 for replying.

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