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Mobile Responsive?

Hi everyone,

Want to clarify if the Bubble platform is mobile responsive? This platform is amazing, but this is a key attribute. How can I edit if so?


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You can have a mobile page that is redirected to. And some elements will “float” depending on your browser.

But in terms of truly responsive … not yet.

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Hi, how exactly could I make it so that it is redirected to and float depending on the browser? Thank you!

Is there any thing I can help you with?

Mobile site redirection is in the page settings.

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No, you can keep the same fonts. Just copy the page and re-jig.

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Thank you sir. It is still functioning as this. What is the direct procedure and no more bothering :slight_smile: Thanks!

Ah, you would need to change the font sizes of course.

haha dangit…! Thank you sir.

I know, it is a little frustrating right now. But quick to do once the main page is done.