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Mobile screen size

I am trying to build a mobile app. I built it using 320 dimension to discover in the window resizer it doesn’t show up properly and it is too small. Window resizer is about 640.
What are the ideal screen sizes for iPhone and android phones.
Do you make the app fixed width ?

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You can easily find (and experiment with running your app at) various resolutions for popular mobile phones using tools like the device toolbar in Chrome dev tools (other browsers have the same sort of feature).

Hit F12. Click the button circled at right in the image below. See? (The highlighted pulldowns let you select other popular platforms as well.)

How’s the project going MrMaker?

I’d like to know this too - Any one have handy - a link to a nice infographic of sorts that has all of the iphone / android screen sizes?

hey everyone - found this Mobile App Screen Dimensions & Resolutions for iOS & Android Design | GBKSOFT - super handy - something worth printing

Thank you for this!