Mobile version wont sign up OR log in

okay so i am building a CAD/MDT system for my Role Play Clan.
as i was first starting the signup and log in system i was using the default one which was working fine, but then it started to not work only on mobile devices, the page would start loading after you click log in or sign up but then it just refreshes the page and doesn’t work, it doesn’t even save your details.
so i decided to create my own log in and sign up pop up and did it all right… it did the same thing so then i check my settings, plugins and mobile compatibility and it was all correct. i then tried watching other people make sign up and login systems and i did the exact same thing… still didn’t worked, ive tried seeking help but haven’t found anything useful. Please someone help me its been an issue for awhile

PS: for mobile it doesnt work for anyone who uses it but for pc it works for everyone else, accept me

Check login/signup workflow for a go to page / page refresh action. Also check browser console for errors then email support.