Mobile video upload + transcode + download

Hey all!
Sorry I didn’t choose a subcategory for this question, as I’m not even sure what it may be!

There are many similar questions, but I’m actually not seeing anything that relates closely with my use case. I’ve also went through the vimeo and ziggeo plugins and they don’t seem to offer what I need.

The use case is simple enough:
User A can upload a video from mobile. That’s the end of their contribution.

Video is transcoded to a lower resolution for quicker viewing by User B.

User B can view a list of embedded videos from many User A’s, and download full resolution (not transcoded) videos. User B will be on either mobile or desktop, but it’s ok if downloading only works on desktop.

Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve went through many existing threads and couldn’t find a solution.

Thank you!

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