Video Transcoding

Hello all,
I’ve done my research throughout the forums and on google but I don’t fully understand the best way/cost efficient way to allow my users to upload let’s say a 4k quality video then transcode the video to a SD quality video ensuring the rest of my users on the app can see the video without buffering. Any suggestions? Thank you.

It will depend massively on the number of videos you’ll be uploading/transcoding.

If you’ll only be transcoding a fixed number of videos that you’ll upload yourself then it’s probably more cost efficient to do it all yourself using Amazon’s transcoding and storage services.

If you’ll have many users uploading potentially hundreds or thousands of videos every month month then a service like Vimeo or Ziggeo will probably work out cheaper and easier.

thank you for your input @adamhholmes! I will be having potentially hundreds or thousands. I’ve looked into the Ziggeo but I’m confused on one thing. Do I then make my users upload both their videos and pictures to Ziggeo/Vimeo or is it just videos and pictures are stored using bubble or another storage location.

Also I haven’t seen any Vimeo pricing or even a plugin for Bubble, would you happen to know where I can get more info on Vimeo?
Thanks again

For images and other files you’d store those in your bubble storage (or any other storage you like) - it’s just videos that would be stored on Ziggeo/Vimeo

See Vimeo’s website for pricing -
See Ziggeo’s website for pricing -

Vimeo is a lot cheaper, but if you’re having very high volume of uploads and transcoding then Ziggeo may be a better solution.

There are plugins for bubble for both Ziggeo and Vimeo, but I found it better just to use the API connector (I haven’t used Ziggeo myself, but have found Vimeo to be a great solution for our needs).

O, wow thank you, for some reason I could not find the Vimeo link before.
One last big question for you. I’m not the best at connecting a API connector but would you happen to have a guide on how to connect Vimeo to Bubble?

hey I am looking for something similar did you find a guide for a proper api connection with vimeo if so then it would be great if you could guide me as well