Modify the stock quantity of products by incoming and outgoing data

Good morning
I am a beginner in bubble I am developing a stock management application, but I am having difficulty with the stock transaction.
I have three databases, the first is “products” with attributes including “Stock_Qty” for recording products
the second is “Arrprod” with attributes including “qte_Arr” for recording incoming products and the last SortProd" with attributes including “Qte_Sort” for recording outgoing products. In the product database I created a list-Arrival field of type “ArrProd” and a list-Output field of type “SortProd” to respectively connect the Incoming and outgoing products to the Products database. When I enter Entants products the existing value changes
How to manage the addition and removal of the quantity of Products and also add a conditional action to check
if the product exists and if the quantity available is sufficient for release.
I would like someone to help me understand
thanks in advance

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For this approach I will suggest create a new data table, like Stock Product, with fields:

  • Product - relative to products table
  • Incoming - number type
  • outgoing - number type

I can populate the initial stock for each product in incoming field, after you need just apply increasing and decreasing quantity values in this table.

And you can be getting the final quantity product only apply inconingvalues - outgoingvalues. You don’t need to save in database this value.

I think this way will be easier to control you stock :slight_smile:

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Good morning
I thank you very much thanks to your contribution I understand better
but the goal is to return to the user the list of incoming and outgoing products and also the remaining quantity of products in stock
I don’t know if it is possible to display data that is not saved and also what to do if the outgoing quantity entered is greater than the quantity in stock