Modifying a list of things to have text concatenated to each item in the list

I have a list of things with two fields - Field A and Field B
I’d like to create a Field C where it is a combination of FIeld A and Field B with extra text.

For example, if it’s a list of Shirts, and Field A is Size and Field B is Color, I’d like C to be Description (for example) with the following:

You have a [SIZE] Shirt of [Color] Color.

Yes this needs to be in the Database and not just displayed on the screen so I can push this to an API (no Repeating group).

Ideally I could get a List of Texts that has just the Field C as a List

I can’t figure out how to create this operation in Bubble. Ideas?

Unfortunately this is happening within an API Workflow already, what other methods would you suggest?

Is there a way to use a Server Script to do this sort of thing?

Have you figured this out yet? Unless I’ve misunderstood your intention, you should be able to do this fairly easily with a “Make changes to a list of things” action - no API workflow required. So you would specify a search for the list you want to change, e.g. all shirst where Field C is empty. Then the change (for each shirt) would be Field C = You have a size [this shirt’s Field A] shirt of Color [this shirt’s Field B].

This approach doesn’t work when it’s a List inside of a Thing.
For example, if you have a data type called Shirt, and inside there’s a Data Field called “Cart items”, you can’t Make Changes to a List of Cart Items. It requires you to create a new Thing called Cart Items and link that to Shirt in order to accomplish that goal. yes, it can be done, but I wish there was consistency so that Make Changes to a List includes changes to ANY sort of list.

Here’s what I’m trying to do, and trying to avoid creating yet another Thing to facilitate this.

The general case is this:

Things of type A
Things of type B with fields QQ and WW and also a field of type A

Do a search of B where A matches, with a bunch of responses (more than one value of B for A)
return the results formatted as such:

“QQ from Result 1”:“WW from Result 1”,
“QQ from Result 2”:“WW from Result 2”,


And save that resulting text.

It’s a puzzle to figure out how to do a search in Bubble and have it return a formatted result in the way above. Help?

Basically I’m building a JSON snippet out of a search result and formatting the results of that search, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make this whole thing work.

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