Creating a new thing for every item in a list


I have a data type that has a lot of different data that has been imported, including a field with a list of texts. I am trying to sort this data, and I want to put each of these texts in the list into another data type with only one field, which is a text.

So ‘Data_type_1’ has a field ‘list_of_texts’, and ‘Data_type_2’ has one field, ‘text’. Each element in ‘list_of_texts’ should create a ‘Data_type_2’ with ‘text’ = ‘list_of_texts’ item #i.

However, I can’t see how to do it using an API workflow, as Bubble only let’s me create a ‘Data_type_2’ with either the entire list, or the first or last item as ‘text’.

Can anyone help me out?

Either use a recursive backend workflow…

Or use the data API bulk create endpoint

(the bulk create endpoint will be a lot faster and cheaper)

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Appreciate the answer. However, I still can’t manage to do it. If you know of any good resources to find a step-by-step guide for this it would be much appreciated.