Modifying my fixed site for mobile

Looking for help with Responsive/Mobile.

I have done a fixed site with page size of 1200.
Not at all sure how to change this to be mobile friendly now.
I clicked on the Responsive tab next to the page name, it shows the various mobile page size options but clicking them does noting. How do I go about making the page adjustable?

Do I create a copy of the page first before I change it, are the mobile pages separate new pages? Hopelessly confused how to proceed.

I used Muse before and that had three separate designs for each page, one for Ipad, one for iphone etc. Is the same thing needed here?

Are all the elements on your screen using fixed px height and width? If so, you could create conditional statements on them that will change their px height and width based on the current page size.

For example:

I’m telling the group, if the current page size/screen size is less than 600px, go from a height of 120px to 40px and go from a width of 700px to 250px

It would help you immensely if you size your elements in % instead of px. That way, the element will automatically calculate how wide or tall it is allowed to be based on the current page size.

Let me know if this helps,

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks, I am going to try that. Yes, everything is a fixed size. I felt hamstrung laying stuff in column and rows and thought (now realizing that it was a wrong move) well, I didn’t really think about it.

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