Modifying text saved as a list in the database with find and replace

Hello! I’m trying to find and replace text stored in the database as a list of “text”. I’m able to accomplish this using do a search for + find and replace option when the data is stored as a “text” (not a list), but can’t figure out how to do it when the data is stored as a list (text).

for example the database “A” has a list of text red apple, yellow bananas and I want to do a search for “A” and find and replace “yellow” with “brown”.

Again I’m doing this when the database entry is a “text” field but when I try it on a list I’m unable to figure out how to modify the part of the text contained in the list that I want modify.

You’ll have to use the ‘Advanced’ filtering or you flatten all the lists into a new table structure

Hey @andi have you tried removing/adding?

So Instead of find/replace which is not available for that use case, try removing the text you wanna modify and then adding the new text.