Find and Replace on a list

I’m trying to remove commas found in a list and then save the result to the database. But for some reason, it’s not working as I would like it to. How can I achieve this? I get the list from a workflow. For example, the list the workflow sends is “Fruits, Apple, Orange, Grapes.” I want to save it in my database as “Fruit Apple Orange Grapes.”

Hi there, @dgddevops… there is a :find & replace option available in the workflow. If you are just putting the list into a text field, you can take the first list and find and replace the comma with, well, nothing (that is, you would leave the find and replace’s Replace by field empty).

If I understood your question correctly, that option should work for you.


Thanks @mikeloc. I’m already doing the :find & replace option. I take what the workflow is sending, set the find & replace option where the text to find is “,” and then replace is left blank. When the list gets saved to the database to a field that is a list of texts, the comma(s) are still there.

Hmm… @dgddevops, are you talking about the way a list shows up when you view a record in a data type? Like this…


I’m probably going to be 0 for 2 with responses on your post (at which point I will quit while I’m behind), but if that’s what you are talking about, lists always show up like that, but the commas aren’t really part of the list.

Anyway, my apologies if I’m still way off base here, but it’s hard to tell from your original post and your response what the actual issue is. At the very least, though, I’ve gotten your post back to the top of the board… twice. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help @mikeloc, I will find a work around.

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