MongoDB Atlas Data API Plugin

Hi Bubblers,

Just released a plugin that lets you connect to MongoDB Atlas, paid version coming soon that avoids having to setup clusters and allows you to save data directly out of the box.

Service Link:
Plugin Page - MongoDB Plugin | Bubble


Authentication :closed_lock_with_key:

To get started, setup your Cloud MongoDB and create a cluster.

Create a Data API Key and enter your secret key in the plugin section of your web app. Your secret is only revealed once in your Atlas dashboard.

Mutate Data :minidisc:

Ensure you have the name for your cluster, database and collection.

You will need your cluster name to begin adding data and changing data. Ensure you have also created a database and collection to reference where you will be storing your data.

In Bubble you will need to form objects using a JSON plugin or embed data directly into JSON to successfully query your database.



where can we refer the sample ?

Hi, yes you can view the workflows here mongodbapi | Bubble Editor

Let me know if that helps.