MongoDB Atlas API Connectivity

Hi all,

I’m trying to connect my Bubble App to a MongoDB Atlas instance, which uses HTTP Digest Authentication (I’ve not managed to find any threads on here which specifically mention digest).

I’m not sure how to configure the API Connector to make such a connection when there needs to be a hash made of the user and key (user:api_key).

The Curl example from the MongoDB docs is quite literally:

curl --user ‘{USERNAME}:{APIKEY}’ --digest …

Should this be set up as a “None/Self-Handled” config or something else? I’m not sure what other services or plugins might use this process for me to dig into and see if I can figure it out so any help would be appreciated.


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Can you shed any light at all on being able to connect with a HTTP digest auth? This certainly applies to several other APIs, not just Mongo.

I would also greatly appreciate an example of a Mongodb connection (running in an AWS EC2 instance) in Bubble, if possible.


Anyone has an insights regarding connecting from bubble to mongodb?

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Has this been solved in the meantime?

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Also interested in solving this. Maybe as a (paid) plugin?

Up, does anyone succeed doing MongoDB and Bubble connection ?

This works for MongoDB Atlas, it is the find action:

URL =[app_id]/endpoint/data/beta/action/find
app-id = your app-id
api_key = your apikey
filter = { “business_name”: “ATLIXCO DELI GROCERY INC.” }

For an example they provide click on Test You API:

See data-api-resources for the other api actions / calls.


Can you share other queries like deleting or inserting
I tried one but getting error over projection parameter