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Monthly Community Update -- July 2020

It would be nicer to keep track of these updates and ETAs if we had the roadmap back. I still don’t understand the reason for removing it. The only real (but crappy) explanation we’ve had is this:

It just sounds like a silly excuse.

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To be honest I find that Josh is providing way more insight into what’s going on at bubble in these new monthly community updates than what we saw on that legacy roadmap page. Maybe it’s not as forward thinking but I prefer to see detail of what’s going on today and what’s on tap for the next 8-10 weeks than just a static roadmap page that has one line descriptions of what’s coming.

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I agree, it’s been a good change, but I didn’t mean having the previous roadmap in place. I meant a more detailed one, with status updates and all that - and anyway, the old roadmap is better than none.

Ah ok I understand now, yes I would agree, I’m sure this is on the agenda as they get even more users and take the next step. I think a good template for it is something Adalo does where they show stuff that’s planned, stuff they’re working on in progress, and stuff completed, and users can vote on what features they would like to do…very transparent and interesting but I can see how it wouldn’t work for every company out there, but perhaps there is a middle ground. I’m sure it’s coming.

See Adalo here:

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Wow @SerPounce I didn’t even know about &issues_off=true, I have a huge app and it literally took 3 seconds to process every single move I was making in the editor and now it is working at lightspeed. Thanks so much for sharing that! And agreed when the editor moves server side it’ll be a game changer for editor performance, clearly!


Great to hear. Funnily enough check out my very similar response when I learned about it here:


Really looking forward to the revised workflows tab, it can get pretty crowded with complex procedure pages or SPA’s (even with reusable elements working behind the scenes).

Be very useful if we could have a node graph type editor for creating/managing, that events can split off to separate workflow conditions.



what is that platform UI ? It looks like integromat but surely is not

Its another nocode platform tool - has some interesting ideas, but no where near on the same level as Bubble imo.

Thank you so much for this update @josh. I know it’s been a few months since you posted, but wanted to say I really value this effort. It engenders a lot of confidence in the platform and its future. :beers: