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Monthly Community Update -- March 2023


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will the AI help with having a non janky custom font work around? Will it help mass deletion or export reversal? I’ve never been less excited about the inclusion of AI!

I’d just like to use EU servers… if that means we have to endure years of ai inclusion then that’s cool with me.

Priorities are all wrong still.

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Great answer on all fronts, thanks :pray:

All great stuff - looking forward to the new editor browser for data sources, operators, and expressions…

One thing, from August’s 2022 update:

  • We are holding off on releasing performance optimizations to make bulk data manipulation via backend workflows faster because testing revealed some issues with our approach. We are investigating to see if there are ways to work around those issues.

Is there any update on this one @josh? Would prove super handy on the data management side. Thanks

We need the ability to create more databases in a single project.

Really looking forward to this! Our main app page has become quite slow to edit, as it’s on the larger end.

Also really looking forward to this. Capacity remains one of our biggest struggles on Bubble as we’re growing, and auto-scaling would at least reduce how much capacity babysitting we need to do.

@josh any chance of improving the dropdown element controls in the editor? Dropdowns on Bubble are still the ugliest elements UI wise.

Glad to hear of all the cool things Bubble are working on.


+1 radio buttons too :smiley: (low-hanging fruit?)


+1 for this.

In the mean time, using a Group Focus with repeating group in it you can make a dropdown ‘on steroids’.


Question Kind of a noob here, Does this mean that pricing will be based on size of the app, kind of like how S3 is priced (Example, not saying exactly) like as your app grows you pay more?

Is this correlated to File storage as well, if you so does that mean that the cap in file storage would be removed?

i do not know how you track all the feedback you get but you should check out highly recommend for product excellence. big fan of it - in the beginning it seems really complex but after i learned it it was a gamechanger. (i am not connected to the company)

Serious issue for me as well. Living in a non-EU country but the same applies. USA not on approved list whilst EU is.

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We need:

  1. Ability to limit database fields being returned to client. (Rules is not the answer)
  2. Ability to add calculated fields.

+1 for calculated fields


Excited by the prospect of a table element! Definitely a need.


@josh Can you tell us more about the table element? Very excited to learn more about this…


Hi Josh, thank you for the update!

I was wondering if the recent performance and reliability improvements you mentioned are just for the editor or if they also apply to the overall speed of the web apps built with Bubble.

My biggest concerns while working with Bubble is the low score I get from Google Page Speeds. Do you have any plans to improve this in the near future?

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for all the hard work @josh and team. I have to agree with the comments above that there are bigger fish to fry then adding on nice to haves.

  1. Managing third party plugins and ensuring continuity
  2. Native app capabilities
  3. Ability to sequence workflows
  4. Ability to add for and while loops more effectively and with faster processing
    To name a few + all the requests on the idea board.

I’m not ungrateful. Just sharing my thoughts.
Thank you for all that you do.

+1 to Calculated Fields
+1 to a better dropdown element or providing a solution so that I can add a groupfocus inside of a RG without having to place it inside of its own reusuable

Also if I was able to create nested folders for pages, reusables and workflows for organization would be huge and would make revisiting pages not worked on for some time much more digestible.

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+1 to Group Focus in RG, it is really pain to use reusable element in RG. Would be great to be able to add Group Focus to any element