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Monthly Community Update -- March 2023

Hope it will be like this: FlutterFlow on LinkedIn: FlutterFlow AI Gen, Your Intelligent Assistant For App Creation | 20 comments

Can we expect better data/visibility around capacity and usage moving forward?

I have an app that I am working on… super simple… and I recently received an email about hitting capacity. I am on the Personal plan, I don’t even have users yet, was literally just testing. My app is super simple and mostly calls external API’s, so hitting capacity seems really unlikely. I had maybe 100 or so workflows run during testing.

It seems the majority of my usage is categorized under “other”, which seems a bit fishy like I’m being forced into upgrading due to “Phantom” usage.

This stuff seems to be changing soon so yes I think you will start seeing better info.

Hello @josh !

Thanks for these updates!
I’m really curious about the “table” element

I have managed to replicate within bubble some of the things we can do in google sheet with a repeating group, the only thing that remained impossible to this day was to allow users to re-organize columns, from right <> left, left <> right, etc.

Would that be possible with the table element? Is there anything a repeating group can do that a table element won’t be able to do?