Monthly Community Update -- November 2020

Great update @josh and @emmanuel

Btw I made a workaround to add multiple domains to a single bubble app. Only have one bug (it gives an error when logging in or signin up but on refresh it works). I made a workaround. Would be great of the bug would be solved by bubble (error code 1603747634514x395352877241044860) (returning the propper json instead of a error code).

Link to plugin:
Testers needed: Whitelabel plugin for bubble app with multiple domains (under review still)

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@josh Thanks for the update. I shared with my team.

Regarding Bugs —Your team is friendly and kind. But filing a bug is quite painful. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like they’ve read the report at all or watched the linked video.

Other times they ask for a better reproduction — which is fair — but when I send an even clearer version of what I’ve sent to begin with, they reply and say they can’t reproduce it. Typically this is when I’ve already described that the bug only happens some of the time (thus the need to report a bug).

To help you see where we’re coming from — We have a mantra within our team that I repeat literally every time someone working in Bubble says “I think Bubble has a bug.” —> “Please assume it’s not a bug and that you’ve made a mistake.” 99 times out of 100, it’s simply a mistake and they learn something that will help them next time around.

So if I’m filing a bug, it’s definitely a bug. If it’s just something not functioning how I expect it to, I come to the forum and ask for help before assuming there’s a bug.

Something similar happened today when I emailed support relating to your data export email link and associated download causing warning signals in Chrome.

Question: Have you considered using a tool to make it easier to file a bug? Something that does a screen grab or lets you record in debug mode so you can just send it over to the support team?


Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. And I appreciate:

The majority of reports that come to our team are definitely those 99 / 100 times, so we really appreciate the people who take extra care to validate it’s actually a problem with Bubble. I think the team generally starts recognizing the names of people whose bug reports are reliable and treating them accordingly, but we definitely don’t get it right 100% of the time, and I’m sorry for the frustration of having a report bounced around.

We’ve looked into bug reporting tools in the past, but held off due to a mixture of privacy concerns and not finding one we were in love with. That said, it’s a good suggestion and I passed it on to the team, along with the rest of your feedback.


Hi @josh and @emmanuel . We solved our bubble bugs using a reverse proxy so now true cname of multiple domains on a bubble app is possible. So you can ignore my previous messages.

More info on this plugin (for anyone interested) : [NEW PLUGIN] 💪 PowerLabel: Whitelabel multiple domains for bubble apps

Thanks for your reply, Josh! Appreciate the work your team is doing to strengthen this process.

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I agree with @josh that most people won’t be on @maryfox20 level and the bug is most of the time not a bug. However, i believe the problem he(and our team) is facing is that the skill level of the bug report team is still not at the desired level yet.

I’ve faced similar problems whereby i videoed the exact scenario but the bug report team still does not get the problem.

However, i think it is a matter of time as the bug report team improves in proficiency, as i believe many are still new to the expanding team!

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I’ve had similar feelings about bug reporting as @maryfox20. However, just last week I was impressed with their first response being detailed and specific to a technical issue and true bug. They promptly passed it to the correct person and I had things resolved quickly. So it’s good to see the Bubble team progressing here!


Nice!! Thanks for sharing this, @gf_wolfer !

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