Monthly Community Update -- November 2022

Hi all,

This is our November community update! Read last month’s update here.

The highlight of October was flying the whole team to New York City to work in-person from our Manhattan office. It was fantastic to meet everyone who we’ve been collaborating with virtually, and we spent the time doing a lot of brainstorming and long-term planning that’s just easier to do face-to-face. We had discussions around almost every aspect of our business, and coming out of it we have a lot of energy and new ideas that we’re looking forward to bringing to life in 2023!

As part of that week, we also hosted a community meetup for our NYC-based users and anyone else who could make it (we had at least one person fly in from Canada to attend!) Turnout was great, with 60+ folks showing up, and we had a lot of fun meeting you all face-to-face. Thanks so much to everyone who came! The venue was personally significant to Emmanuel and me: it was a bar downstairs from the first Bubble office we worked from after graduating from renting desks in larger spaces.

Another highlight this month was the launch of an official Microsoft Clarity plugin, which is a fantastic tool for entrepreneurs and product owners to get visibility into how users are interacting with their Bubble apps.

In hiring news, we just crossed the 100 employee mark yesterday! This month we were excited to welcome:

  • Roody, Kylie, and Tenzin, joining as Technical Product Support Specialists
  • Michael, joining as an Account Executive
  • Nishita and Scott, joining as Product Designers

As always, open roles can be found here, and we especially encourage community members with solid Bubble skills and a love for helping people to join us as Technical Product Support Specialists

Changes we made this month

This was a great month for planning and team-building, but somewhat as a consequence, it was a lighter month for product updates. In addition to our usual bug fixing work, and some continued tweaks to our homepage and new user experience, we released:

We also published a new “Getting Started” video course which is meant to be the definitive, in-depth video guide for new Bubble users, replacing the older video course we had that was built years ago and out of date.

This month in numbers

  • New conversations via bug reports or 11,643 (up 13.8%).

  • Average first response time to messages: 1h 25m during business hours (down 0.5%)

  • Average response time to messages: 1h 35m during business hours (up 9.0%)

  • Tickets closed by the engineering team in the past 30 days: 80 (down from 111)

  • Average days to closure for tickets closed by the engineering team: 5.4 (down from 12.2 days)

  • Average days to closure for high priority tickets: 0.4 (down from 2.4 days)

Things on our minds

Coming out of our week together in person, each team has a queue of ideas, problems, challenges, and opportunities we are still sorting through. While it is hard to pick a single theme to focus on, some of the things we talked about include:

  • Evolving our design system for the editor

  • The value proposition we offer our customers on Custom plans and ways we could make them even more attractive

  • What areas are most important to focus on to help new users learn Bubble

  • The state of our ecosystem, and how to help agencies and freelancers

  • What investments we most want to make in our technology, and what those investments would unlock in terms of performance, security and compliance, team productivity, and achieving a global infrastructure

…among many others! The long and short of it is, we have a lot of work ahead of us on all kinds of different dimensions. We came out of the week with a renewed commitment to continue to improve our operational game as a company, because we’ll need to be incredibly driven, efficient, and passionate to get through everything we want to accomplish over the next year.

What we’re currently working on

Following up on our latest post about pricing, we are continuing to do technical work on capacity and auto-scaling. We are working towards an interim release that will not make any changes to the way we price Bubble, but will expose the ability to chart and manage your app’s usage over time, so that we can start previewing what an auto-scaling / usage-based approach to pricing might look instead of the hard capacity caps we have today.

Other ongoing workstreams:

  • Our new components system is almost done! We are testing it out with some of our new users to see if it speeds up app creation. Stay tuned for further announcements!

  • We are working on an extension to the font and color variable feature we recently released to allow users to define their own variables.

  • Our work on an improved version control interface continues: we are still doing development work and hope to have exciting updates soon.

  • For the overhaul of our network architecture and infrastructure, we have made some behind-the-scenes changes to our credentials and configuration management, and are working on changes to our deployment system.

  • Our push to migrate code of CoffeeScript continues; we are now down to 9.8% CoffeeScript in our main codebase. Typescript is now up to 5.5%, with the remainder being Javascript. We are bumping up the priority of this work, with the hope of getting through it and onto other technical improvements that are enabled by it.

Wishing everyone a lovely November,

Josh and Emmanuel


I’ve been seeing about this new components system for a few months now and I’m getting quite excited. Would you be able to give us an idea of what it is?

It might be me dreaming but I really hope it’s a way to create master components which are data type agnostic which can be reused easily with any data type. Changing the component then would change it everywhere :slight_smile:

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I think It is more like a pre build UI elements Simon.

Hello @josh ! Thank you again for the update.

What do you mean by it? A better User interface for the editor?

I was talking about it today, ai feel that the interface of the editor is a bit outdated compared to our competitors, what’s is important for new Bubblers to stick to the platform.

Congrats on the employee milestone and for having the chance to gather everyone! A great culture for you means a great product, growth and continued support for all of us :slight_smile:


Here’s a small demo:


I’ve been seeing the components feature popsup from time to time on my editor. :thinking: Thanks for the update!

Let’s hope! :smiley:

Agreed. And it’s not just aesthetics. Once you reach a certain level of proficiency with Bubble, aspects of the UI really slow you down and/or become mind-numbingly tedious. At times I feel I use the product despite its deficiencies rather than because of its strengths. :confused:

Fortunately, I’ve been able to craft a Chrome extension which addresses some of these issues for me (which has boosted my productivity), but native functionality designed by a UX professional would be preferred.


Really looking forward to these.

Congratulations on the 100 milestone!



Please also squeeze in rework of the issue checker in the upcoming releases. It needs to be pinned to the side, be able to show more than 4 items (right now the window is too small and it can’t be expanded) and have a possibility of only showing issues for the current page/reusable.


That’s super nice! :blush:


This will be super helpful for the new Bubble designers out there! :blush:

That would be cool! And help speed up development in Bubble :slight_smile:

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Truly enjoyed attending the meet-up in NYC. What a great opportunity to connect with the team at Bubble, bounce ideas around, and meet some amazing other Bubblers in the area! Kudos to you all for hosting & hope to be at the next one, whenever that may be.


Any news on servers in Australia?


You can do that on a dedicated server

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Keep up the great work! You guys are awesome!!

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Willing to shell out the 3600$/month?

I am very impressed with this integration…it demonstrates that Bubble is focused on helping creators with commercial success

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There have been rumors from time to time that documentation is actually going to be brought up to date, but those rumors seemed to have died down.

Can you let us know when you plan on updating Bubble documentation, and dedicating resources to keep it up-to-date with new and upcoming changes/improvements?

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what about python libraries like scipy? we are in need so much of those wonderful tools integrated in bubble projects…

Thank you for the update. Awesome to read about all the new things arriving at bubble. But I would really like to get a feel for when a global infrastructure is arriving.

Do you have any timeframe, ambition or just an idea as to when that will be available? The current pricetag for a dedicated solution is just a showstopper for many startups.