Monthly Credits for Subscribers

I’m looking for a solution to give my subscribers credits each month that they can use with my app.

I’m not sure how to do that. I don’t need credits to rollover each month, but just every 30 days I’m subscribers start with 250 credits.

On the flip side, if a user cancels, how can I make sure to stop renewing the credits?

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Let’s see if we can help out.

Have you tried running a backend workflow every month to reset your users credits? You will have to be on a paid plan to do this.


As another option, you can try to do something with a date field saved on the user. Then check when it was last updated and if it Is a new month, update their credits on page load. This shouldn’t require a paid plan to set up. I would save the date rounded down to month and day so it will be saved as February 1st 2022 12:00am. Then on page is loaded, do the same thing to the current date and check to see if you need to update their credits. We do something similar on a daily basis in this video for keeping track of a streak on our paid eLearning Hub site if you want to check it out. Instead of just rounding down to day, you would also round down to month. Does that make sense?

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Thanks for your help! I think the latter option you provided will work for me. One other quick question that I’m not sure is possible, but do you know if there is an easy way to test date-related workflows to make sure they are working correctly?

Hey @jordanryankennedy_as

Yes, you can check the logs to see if they will be running at the right time. Then change the date to run immediately if you want to actually test the workflow. So instead of running it next week or next month, just run it on the current date and time. Then switch it back once you have tested it. :blush:

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