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More API call queries

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had a little bit of help from the forum already on my API call and getting it to populate a drop down list. I had all of this working this morning with the API call.

All of a sudden today (With no change made to my call in bubble) I’ve found that the API call cannot be initialised now and no data at all is being returned.

I’ve tested the call in the browser and data is returning but the same call in bubble comes up blank. Please help if you know what I’m missing!! :slight_smile:

My app is accessible here:

This is the URL of the API call:$64ntwj6jqtushfk4$v8puf98_1&id_location_parent=7112

the API call is called “Get-Locations” in our app.

I’m facing the same issue with my api calls. cant initialize any. spent last 2 hours trying to figure out to now realize its a bubble bug

cc @emmanuel

Yeah I’m building MySQL queries as a backup. THey are working OK.

Try it again, I think it just started working …

We’re looking into it.

This should be fixed now.

Thanks for clearing that bug up guys :slight_smile: