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Trouble initializing DELETE API calls

Hey Guys,

I’m having an issue where I’m unable to initialize any of my DELETE API calls. I have a large number of GET and POST calls configured OK but I can’t initialize the DELETE calls.

I get an error from the initialization attempt that indicates that the authentication fails however this is also what I have seen from the calls when I test them in a browser if they are not put together correctly.

Here is on of the calls that I cannot initialize

my app is here:

I am also trying to initialize a call that adds a picture. Can anyone advise me how to initialize a call and include an image in the call so that it can be initialized?

if anyone has any ideas on how to initialize these calls that would be great!

Are you sure the token goes in the body as a parameter, and not in the URL for instance. The question is more for the service, as you’re seeing a message from them.