More options for API calls int the API Plugin Builder

Some ideas that would help @emmanuel creating better API calls for plugins.

Here an exemple :

1/ Add an option “Body in a data JSON”, so we can set parameters without writing ourselves the JSON. Some API use this. Body request is encapsulated in a “data” JSON.

2/ Options for “Fields” in the “Elements” and “Actions” tabs could be allowed in the “API calls” tab
Let us add a placeholder or a reference about each filed

  • Parameter “promotion_type” => Placeholder to recall the onlt two possibilites
  • Parameters “start” and “end” => Placeholder to define the custom format of the date

Enhance the type of each parameter

  • Parameter “enabled” => Enhance a boolean Yes/No field
  • Parameters “start” and “end” => Ask for a Date and let us define the custom format (that would be better than the placeholder)

also, sorting the parameters in the order in which they appear in the JSON may help :