Plugin Editor limitations

Hi @Bubble

I’m very willing to contribute to the community but the Plugin Editor is frustrating to use. There are some requests :

Duplicating an already initialized API call, the copied call is also active but we may need to work on it before we publish it. Can you add a way to remove the initialization ?

Using the same API, some API calls need different authentification parameters, for instance some client-side with Publishable keys whereas most of the calls use Secret Key. Using different auth ways for different calls would be good.

The fact bubble doesn’t convert UNIX dates make it difficult to use. Already asked API - Returned Value - Set DATE format

Can you let us write a text (info, warning, explanation…) displayed at the top of the action so we can give important info to the user in the Editor about the action ?

Setting some fields are Array (List) like payment_method_types. Can’t you implement a List option, with the right format according to type of field used ?

For a parameter such as line_items above, which is an array of JSON object, if we could add items like you do for Schedule API Workflow on a list, calling a list of Things and their specific values, it would bring a major simplification of our calls :

As we don’t know how many items will be needed, either we copy X times each, either we must generate JSON and Arrays with other plugins in JSON Body. However this is a standard requirement dealing with API calls.

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